Created Feb 17, 2016

Evamaria Smentek

lived in Berkeley, like physics,politics more

Immigrated from Germany to Canada and finally to Berkeley, CA (1964). Because of Ronald Reagans' declared war on my generation and the election of "Tricky Dick" I chose not to become a citizen but might have if a Bernie Sanders had run, now, as an informed adult would choose Hillary. Back then we didn't believe our vote mattered plus there was Vietnam and a crappy economy. My neighborhood burned during Martin Luther King riots, had an 8 pm curfew with riot police pointing automatic rifles in our faces and from rooftops during "Peoples Park Riot" because we tried to build a playground on an unused plot of dirt. Soured on politics until '08 with the potential possibility of a woman or a black man becoming president on the horizon. Got hooked. Thank you Rachel and Jon Stuart!
Yes, I was part of the music scene, lived with a rock band; guys from the streets picked up their guitars et al, as did Janice Joplin, everybody knew everybody. Did it, loved it, survived. Always worked, payed taxes, retired , completed my bucket list and am doing well, thank you very much. Got to live the American Dream.